What we do

Your mission comes first, which means we build training and organizational development into everything we do. We will help you get there and build your capacity as we go. 

Our services include campaign strategy development, audience building through online advertising, content strategy and creation, training and staff development, and organizing and digital strategy consultation.



With over a decade of experience in organizing, Apollo Collaborative works with advocacy organizations, causes, and companies to build movements online, devising authentic and timely tactics and helping organizations thoroughly plan campaigns that win.  


Apollo Collaborative develops direct response advertising campaigns that reach real people and inspires them to take meaningful action. We help you identify your audience, put your actions in front of them wherever they are, and optimize for the best results. 


Apollo Collaborative works with organizations to train them on best practices in digital and communications. From running in-person trainings, workshops, and webinars, we develop custom training programs to level up your in house capacity. In addition, we include a training component in all of our collaborations, helping causes and organizations grow and develop from within. 


Apollo Collaborative helps organizations run coordinated, integrated communications campaigns to spark real-world change. We help you hone in on your goals, write thorough campaign plans, track your results, and evaluate campaign tactics. We help you determine how, when, where, and why you deliver your message for maximum impact. 


Apollo Collaborative writes organic content plans that produce authentic, timely, and urgent content that turns your message into action. We develop content strategies that move people from bystanders to action takers. 


Apollo Collaborative produces creative that helps your cause shine. We produce videos, design web experiences, and help you decide how your organization should look so that you can meet your goals.